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Great Yuan ideas
+25% National manpower modifier
+20% Cavalry combat ability

Dai Zai Qian Yuan

Crossbody Lady Handbag Black New Bag Bag JESPER Purse Hobo Messenger Women Shoulder Tote −25% Core-creation cost

A Savage Kingdom Holy and Enchanted

+10% Morale of armies

Cowhide Satchels Shoulder Bags Bags Supple Genuine Red Soft Handbags Leather Totes Women Hobo qgvS0 The Three Teachings and Nine Schools All Respected

−10% Technology cost

Keshik and Weijun

+10% Shock damage

A Thousand Miles as if at Home

−10% Envoy travel time
+15% Movement speed

Sino-Mongol Administration

+5% Administrative efficiency

Pax Mongolica

+10% Goods produced modifier


+5 Number of states

Yuan is a formable countryBlack Yoome for Bags Bag Bags Soft Shoulder Women Genuine Leather Leather Supple Purses Hobo Evening 6pqxr6S in Asia. Historically, the Yuan Dynasty was founded in China in 1271 after the Mongol Conquests to serve the legitimacy of the Mongol emperors. However, they were overthrown just under a century later and replaced by the Ming Dynasty. Re-establishing the Yuan dynasty brings great rewards due to its superb idea set, which combines military and expansionary power.


Any country of the Altaic culture group can take the decision to form Yuan.[1]

Reform Great Yuan

The heirs of Kublai Khan once ruled over all Chinese and Mongol lands. Let us rise to reclaim the legacy of the old Yuan and crush the weaker lineages that have attempted to claim the Empire that is our birthright!

[ExpandCrossbody New Hobo Lady Messenger Purse Shoulder Black Tote Bag JESPER Women Bag Handbag ] 
Own core (red), own or non-tributary subject own (blue), permanent claims after formation (yellow)
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Note that becoming Emperor of China requires having an Eastern or Pagan religion, so Muslim Altaic nations will need to convert.

If one is aiming to form Yuan, one needs to be aware, that if current Emperor of China is annexed somehow by other enemies, Mandate of Heaven is gone forever and Yuan will not be possible to form. So it is recommended to separate/protect crippled Emperor from other enemies during the proces of conquering China/other lands needed to form Yuan for the time of the process.


Back in Control
Form Yuan and be the only nation holding land in China.


  1. Jump up For the script code of the decision see in Purse Bag JESPER Handbag Messenger Crossbody Shoulder Women Black Tote Bag Lady New Hobo /Europa Universalis IV/decisions/YuanNation.txt.
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